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Let’s see how well you know your immune system facts.  What is your body’s first line of defense when you are exposed to germs, viruses, bacteria, and other illnesses?  It is your immune system.  Since the body is pretty much under attack from all of these threats every day (unless you live in seclusion), the immune system is very busy and it can be beneficial for you to have a strong one.

When exposed to a virus or bacteria, why doesn’t everyone get sick?  It is because some of us have better defenses than others.  That defense is centered around the immune system.  Better defense means stronger resistance, and getting sick less often than others who have weaker immune systems.

The immune system protects us from common illnesses like a cold or sore throat, and serious diseases like cancer.  It is the barrier between our cells and all illnesses.  Immune system facts that have been released over time confirm that the immune system is a complex process.  Most of us are satisfied with understanding the basics and leaving the tough stuff to the expert scientists.

These research scientists have discovered specific ways that we can build our immune system to function in a strong way when it needs to fight invaders.  How can we strengthen our resistance?  Immune system facts tell us that we all have natural interferon in our bodies, or small proteins that act as messengers that tell our immune system when to go to work.  Interferon also keeps our cells strong so that they can be ready to resist illness.

When we are threatened with getting sick we need this natural interferon that is part of our first line of defense to stop the illness before it gets to our cells and make us ill.  During this initial immune response while our body is fighting to keep us healthy, and if we have a well functioning immune system with plenty of natural interferon, our white blood cells increase and help in the battle as well.

Natural interferon works in our bodies to help prevent and control viral infections, disease, and illness by attacking invaders and killing them before they can make us sick.  Not only do people who have built up their immune system get sick less often, but if they do get sick they have fewer symptoms and recover much faster.

So how can we build a stronger immune system?  One proven way is to increase that natural interferon that plays such a vital role in our resistance to getting sick.  If we have enough natural interferon it will not let us get a virus.

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