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I found the short history of the Swine Flu in Wikipedia, and found it interesting.  Apparently, the Swine Flu is not new, although there are different strains of it.

I found that after certain strains of Swine Flu disappear from humans it may continue in pigs, where it can then re-emerge in humans if people’s immunity is low.

In 1918, 50 to 100 million people died worldwide from the flu.  In 1976, there was an outbreak of Swine Flu.  The government initiated a program to vaccinate everyone.  The day the vaccination began, 3 seniors died after getting the flu shot.  People became fearful of the shot.  It had not been shown that the shots were related to the deaths but as things have it, panic ensued.

The flu shot also became linked to Guillaim-Barre Syndrome (GBS), a nerve killing disease.  And in 1976 from the public perspective, the flu shot killed more people than the Swine Flu.

In 1988, a woman died from the Swine Flu and infected several other people at a county fair.  It was noted 76% of 25 exhibitors, ages 9 to 19, tested positive but not serious illnesses were detected.

In 1998, Swine Flu was discovered in pigs.  At this time scientists came to the conclusion that the flu could be stored in pigs.

In 2007, the flu broke out in the Phillipines.  There were no notes of deaths in humans.

In 2009, the Swine Flu was reported, but apparently a new strain of the flu has emerged.  It was noted that “in the U.S. it appears that for every 1000 people who get infected, about 40 people need admission to hospital and about one person does.”

Governments throughout the world are working on plans to deal with the flu.

From our previous history though, people are fearful and doubtful about the safety of vaccinations.

One of the main ways to prevent it, or lessen its effect on you, is to have the best immune system you can.  Getting enough rest, exercise at least 4 times every week, a positive mental attitude, and a healthy, nutritious diet are all helpful in building our immune systems.  Unfortunately too many of us are lacking in more than one area there.

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