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I think we all agree that it’s a tough world out there, especially for the body’s immune system. On a daily basis we are exposed to viruses and bacteria that cause diseases, and even death. We live in an environment where we travel, or our neighbor travels, all over the world.

Even when there is not a major scare like the present Swine Flu (2009) that can be spread all over the world, our lives are fast paced which can lead to stress that weakens our immune system. Most of us have a hard time eating a healthy diet due to lack of time or the appeal of the drive through convenience. Even more of us struggle with getting enough rest or exercise that are both associated with better health. Our immune system is facing an uphill battle on a daily basis because these struggles actually lower our immune function.

While all of this is stacked against us there is good news. Our immune system is a highly complex system. It runs without much from us, and can run even better with a little attention. One component of the immune system is natural interferon that we all have present in our bodies. Interferon does its work at the very first and earliest stages of disease and infections, and attempts to stop them before reaching our cells.

This is what we call the first line of defense. We want to keep the natural interferon levels high enough in our bodies that it can do its job to keep us well. Interferon sets up a shield to protect us against invaders, and calls out other helper cells such as the white blood cells and killer cells to aid in defenses. They are key components to our good health. Poor diet choices, certain meds and lifestyle challenges can all deplete our natural interferon.

Many diseases are treated with interferon treatments and respond. Interferon therapy is used in tandem with radiation and chemotherapy for cancer patients. It is also used in Multiple Sclerosis and Hepatitis C treatments. Russia and Eastern Europe use interferon in low doses to treat common ailments of cold and the flu. The problem with interferon meds is that there are so many side effects that for many are intolerable. Natural interferon supplements, on the other hand, have not side effects – only side benefits.

It stands to reason if we know ways to target a healthy immune system, we have choices that can build better health. We can take precautions and boost the natural interferon cell’s ability by taking supplements specifically for this. Boosting the immune system is a wise thing to do in such a fast paced, stressful, international environment that we live in today.

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