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Do you like to visualize pictures, events, dreams, desires, etc.?  The ability to do so can be part of strengthening your immune system.  There are other important factors as well, such as feeding your immune system the nutrients it needs to function at its best.

It’s not like you can simply think your way healthy, although there are some amazing stories about people doing that.  Still, we know that being happy and positive do have wonderful benefits to our health.

One interesting story I read about recently came from a famous cancer journal.  It is about a little boy with cancer.  He was no more than six years old and in a cancer center that housed children who would die from cancer.  The little boy had incurable cancer.

Fortunately, the little boy also had a special counselor who decided to help the boy in a non-traditional way.  After reading about the association between the immune system and visualization, she thought it worth trying with the boy.

The counselor encouraged him to sit calmly and move into a meditative state, and then to draw.  Once a week she had him draw his cancer.  He drew a monster.  Next she would ask him to draw what he thought could kill the monster.  He drew something similar to Pac-Man eating the monster.

He did this every week, until one day he couldn’t do it.  When the counselor asked him why, he said because the monster was gone.  When doctors did a CAT scan, his cancer was gone.

There are other stories like this, and although they may seem unbelievable, the mind can be a very powerful force.  When was the last time that you took time to sit, relax, and visualize something you want to happen?



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