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In 1976 there were mass inoculations, and I have not discovered whether there were more people who died from the swine flu or from the vaccine.  It appears to still be unverifiable.

Many fear that the current (2009) swine flu vaccine is being rushed to market and not tested enough.  There is a lot that is unknown.  How strong will the strain be?  Will the shot be safe?  Will there be enough of it to go around to everyone that should get it?  Who should get it?

I believe in building my immune system year round so that it is strong and can provide protection when I am exposed to viruses and other illnesses.  Plus I know that even if I would get sick, my symptoms would most likely be fewer and less intense, and I would recover quicker than someone with an immune system that was not operating optimally.

With the immune system being the body’s first defense to fight bacteria, germs, and all kinds of sickness, it makes sense to build it up as much as possible.  Science has delivered us options to do this.  Many years of research and clinical studies have produced pharmaceutical grade immune builders that can power up the immune system and have it working year round to help keep us healthy.

An immune builder can naturally invigorate your immune system by increasing the production of your body’s natural interferon, a product in all of us that is important to how the immune system functions.  Interferon helps kill viruses before they can get to our cells and make us sick.

While an immune builder may not be at the top of most people’s list of natural supplement to take on a daily basis, when you think about it, it can be one of the most beneficial.  Think how much you are sick and how that affects your quality of life.  Do you miss a lot of work, or just feel lousy too much of the time?  Do you find yourself dragging too many days of the month?  Do you catch more than the average amount of common colds, sore throats, etc.?

Immune builders do more than fight everyday (minor) illnesses.  They can help prevent the ‘big stuff’ also, such as cancer.  Sometimes I feel like a broken record when I remind people that supplements are not regulated by any governing agency.  It is important to state, though, because it creates a wide range of efficacy from brand to brand.

If you want to get results, you have to do your homework and find a brand that is guaranteed to deliver results.   These are usually all-natural brands that can verify their products are ALL-NATURAL (ask them to do this!) because the way regulations work, products only have to be 10% natural to slap ‘all-natural’ or ‘100% natural on their label.  Synthetic, chemical-based, vitamins cannot provide the same nutritional value that food-based, all natural vitamins have been proven to give you.

Quality brand have the science, research, testing, and quality ingredients behind their products.  That is the only way a guarantee like the brand that we use gives can exist.  They have the long-term food supplement study that proves better health, and are the only company to have this.

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