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One of the key factors in a healthy immune system is balancing your immune response to the environmental irritants and airborne pollutants that you are exposed to in every day life.

Interferon can activate immune cells to respond when your body is threatened. It is essential to your immune system and helps protect you from your daily exposure to millions of potential threats.

There is Interferon and then there is Natural Interferon.

Interferon medications are necessary to treat certain illnesses.

Natural interferon is used for prevention of illnesses, or to strengthen your immune system when you have a health challenge.

There is a protein in your body called interferon that helps your immune system fight infection. It was interesting to learn that interferon is produced by animal cells when there is some kind of virus that threatens. Furthering our little science lesson here: this natural interferon is released into your bloodstream or cells with the job of sparking healthy cells to produce an enzyme that is what actually helps fight the infection.

Your body can make 3 different kinds of interferon:

  1. alpha interferon
  2. beta interferon
  3. gamma interferon

Each type of interferon has unique opportunities to affect our immune health. From hepatitis C to multiple sclerosis to blood disorders there are interferon products that are used as treatments. A prescription is required for interferon and there are some major side effects associated with the meds.

Natural Interferon

Many years of science and research has brought us a natural supplement that can increase your body’s production of natural interferon. If you can make more natural interferon it can help you optimize your immune system without overstimulating it. No adverse reactions to the plant extracts in this natural supplement have ever been reported.

Things that challenge your immune system are environmental pollutants that cause allergies, asthma or other respiratory illnesses; infections and viruses; and free radicals that threaten serious diseases like cancer.

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