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Some people think that when the government rushes into something, beware. There is concern that the Swine Flu vaccine here in 2009 has not been tested enough yet, not tested on many people, and that it is being rushed to market.

It was posted online that the British government may have found that the Swine Flu vaccine may be causing some people to experience paralysis and an inability to breathe. It is a brain disorder called Guillaim-Barre Syndrome (GBS). Neurologists in Britain have been told to watch for GBS in the patients they see.

A letter leaked to a newspaper talks about the Swine flu vaccine used in the United States in 1976. The letter states that more people died from the vaccine than from the flu itself. 10 weeks into the inoculation the vaccine was stopped.

One thing we can do, as individuals, is to make a special effort to build our immune systems so that they help us fight the threat of the Swine Flu when we are exposed. We can strengthen our immune systems in safe and natural ways that can help protect us from dangerous microbes that will make us sick.

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