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There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Swine Flu vaccine here in 2009.  When will it become available?  How many shots will be needed?  Is it safe?  Will there be enough of it?

I found a message a couple of weeks ago (9/09) on the internet from a doctor stating that Novartis had announced they had a Swine Flu (H1N1) vaccine.  Novartis felt the injection they produced could be given in one shot as opposed to two.

The Chinese had also approved an H1N1 vaccine called Panflu, put out by Sinovac for ages 3 to 60.  They suggest 2 separate injections.

Novartis, it was pointed out, was on a fast track with its clinical trials.  Their thought on the ‘one injection’ was that it would get to more people and be available quicker.

Most experts, like the Chinese, feel that 2 injections are necessary for adequate immunization against the Swine Flu (H1N1).   If this is the case, this article suggested that there will probably be a lack of vaccines.

These are reasons why I choose to target building my immune system.  I like to follow scientists like Dr. Kojima who has done 40 years of research on an immune builder that supports our body’s natural interferon production to fight illness and disease.  Making our immune system stronger and better able to resist attacks against our body is something that we can do year round so that when seasonal challenges like the ful come, we are ready to fight!

When we get sick, it is a defeat of the immune system.  When we build the immune system with 40 years of research behind us, we are more prepared to defend our good health instead of getting sick.  I prefer that over fast track clinical studies that may or may not provide enough protection to go around for all of us.


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